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"The things I had to tell her..The things I hoped she would listen to..There were so many of them.”


"The things I had to tell her..
The things I hoped she would listen to..
There were so many of them.”


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Character Appreciation Ragyo Kiryuin

I don’t think I can remember the last time a character inspired as much anger and fear in me as Ragyo Kiryuin.
She exercises her power ruthlessly, sadistically, and brutally, and yet remains terrifyingly charismatic in all her glamour.
Twisted behavior goes beyond your typical villainous plans for world domination when it comes to this woman. The fact that her terror steps into the domestic — into her physical, sexual, and emotional abuse of her daughters — makes Ragyo so incredibly, palpably evil.
She has no room for compassion whatsoever, be it as a ruler, mother, or as a human being.

She embodies everything I could possibly want in an antagonist, and for that, I love her character to no end.

Black Rock Shooter by Kuon